Artist salvatore zofrea

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Zofrea, Salvatore

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Salvatore Zofrea

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Salvatore Zofrea

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Salvatore Zofrea is one of Australia’s most accomplished woodcut artists. Salvatore Zofrea’s latest body of work Days of Summer, is a touring exhibition presented by Maitland Regional Art Gallery, and is, the culmination of almost twenty years of making prints.

Portrait of artist Salvatore Zofrea at his home studio in Seaforth Sydney infront of his a section of his magnum opus which is 26 panels 35m long. The piece will. The philosophy is simple.

Salvatore Zofrea masters ‘The Greats’

We wish to share with the world our passion for art and the remarkable talents of our artists. We take pride in working with artists, patrons.

Salvatore Zofrea's portrait of the Premier to hang in Hawkesbury Art Gallery

Salvatore Zofrea Frances Keevil Gallery is backed by fifteen years of experience in the Australian arts industry. A member of the AGAA, the gallery is dedicated to showcasing the very best emerging and mid-career artists. Central to the gallery's vision is to illustrate.

Salvatore Zofrea, 'Morning light'. Visit. Discover ideas about Australian Art. Salvatore Zofrea, 'Morning light' Australian art Morning Light Landscape Paintings Landscapes Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist features big colorful paintings of Aspen & Birch Trees, Rocky Mountains and stunning views of the Canadian prairies, big skies and.

b. Painter and printmaker Salvatore Zofrea was born in Italy, arriving in Australia in He trained at the Julian Ashton School between and

Artist salvatore zofrea
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